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New Book PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS is now available!

Mike's new book "Peaceful Resolutions" is now available. After more than two years of research and partnering with neuroscientists Mike takes his experience with over 2,500 negotiations and mediations to help you learn what he has learned works and apply these proven techniques to your conflicts at work, with clients, with the IRS, home, school, community or other areas of life.  Mike has learned these techniques over 30 years in the field and now for the first time he shares what he has learned with you so that you too can apply these techniques to your areas of conflict.

In addition, Mike offers an online video series  providing meaningful leadership training and assistance on various tax topics.

Take leadership to another level and enhance effectiveness with leadership presentations, books and videos offered here. The tax topics are for those that want to learn how to work with the IRS to avoid an audit, what to do if audited,  as well as how to prevent and address conflct whether with the IRS or with others.

Mike applies  the most current concepts of neuroscience to issue resolution to help you resolve your issues.

National Speaker Association member providing top quality service by helping clients identify, address and resolve issues

Mike now offers a key note on "My Story | Your Story, How to De-escalte and  Resolve  Conflict" allowing participants to reflect on their own experienes and learn from the presentation how to de-escalate and then negotiate to develop collaborative solutions.   Mike has a passion to learn and to share what he has learned to help others. To assist you he has written 10 books and he provides 14 videos  on leadership and tax topics to give you what you need for success.  Mike has given over 200 presentations internationally to firms, bar associations, CPA societies, appraisal organizations, universities and others.   He would be happy to make a presentation to your organization.

Besides presentations Mike consults as a mediator and negotiator as he helps clients resolve issues within client to government, client to business, and within organization venues. For example with the IRS, within board of directors, shareholder disputes, between partners etc.

Two of Mike's Most Recent Books Related to IRS Topics Are:

How the IRS Determines Reasonable Compensation with Job Aid Commentary by the Original IRS Champion

How the IRS Determines Reasonable Compensation with Job Aid Commentary by the Original IRS Champion

Michael Gregory Institute: Leadership

How the IRS Values Non-Controlling Interests in S Corps with Job Aid Commentary by the Original IRS Champion