Michael Gregory, ASA, CVA, MBA, NSA and Qualified Mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court is an expert in conflict resolution.

Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC shared values and unwavering commitment to quality are unsurpassed.

As a speaker Michael Gregory presents:

  • key note addresses
  • workshops

Conducts executive leadership forums on:

  • conflict resolution
  • negotiation
  • collaboration and inspiration to improve productivity.

What's the PROBLEM?


Are you looking for an expert to address conflicts with the IRS on business valuations, business to business
or within businesses?


Are you looking for a keynote speaker, workshop leader, or executive forum facilitator to motivate and enhance leadership
with your organization?


Are you looking for a text, articles, blog posts or other experts to assist you with working with difficult people, the IRS or with others where there is a conflict?

What's the SOLUTION?


Michael Gregory is an expert in these areas that helps clients and others de-escalate, resolve conflicts, negotiate winning solutions, or mediates as a client-based mediator.


Michael Gregory is a dynamic, international speaker that has presented over 325 presentations in a wide variety of forums to engage audiences with his unique skill set.


Michael Gregory has written 11 books, over 30 articles and over 200 blog posts to assist you, and he has a network he can tap of over 5,000 others to assist you.

Why is Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC the Best Solution?

Return on Investment

This saves clients time, money and energy to focus on other matters and enhance productivity by bringing closure to difficult situations.

Extreme Customization

No two client sessions are the same. He works with you, to listen to your concerns and to help you resolve your issue or develop unique training to fit your needs.

Add Value Like Crazy

Design and deliver what you need, provide handouts you can reproduce, and offers continuing involvement.


Mike’s Style

High energy, high content, and high interaction so that you have a solution that works for you and your team.


Leave knowing what to do and how to do it. He provides you with the information, soft skills and innovative strategies to address your concerns.

Bottom Line

As a solution provider you have a solution that works for you that you can implement going forward with a sense of closure and enhanced quality improvement.

Upcoming Speaking Events

September 20th, 2018

What CPA’s Need to Know to Avoid Audits and to Avoid Conflict When Audited

Tulsa, Oklahoma


This course initially looks at the IRS, how it is organized and offers practitioners ideas to avoid an audit and what to do if audited and provide practical strategies on how to resolve issues with the IRS.

This includes considering the use of experts such as appraisers and business valuers (ABV).

October 5th, 2018

How to Overcome Conflict with Collaboration

Washington, DC

Brain science will be applied to enlighten participants on the steps necessary in order to explore and enhance opportunities to provide for better client outcomes. Mike will introduce the National Association of Estate Planning Council’s Legacy training on Multi-Disciplinary Teaming and expand on how attorneys, CPAs, CLUs, financial experts and business valuers can enhance client outcomes through collaboration.

New Book Released


is the most complete and comprehensive one-volume publication ever written for business valuers who prepare appraisals for federal tax purposes.

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