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  • Mike is a dynamic speaker who helps us to recognize what we are doing right and to enhance communication with others. Although we had people from many different areas with different job duties, we are all in the people business.

    Julie Ramer
    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Relevant, current, exceptional and thought provoking insights using neuroscience in applications with the IRS and others where there may be a conflict.

    John Heidebrecht, ASA, CFE, MAFF, CDFA, CAC, MBA
    Berning and Heidebrecht
    Medina, Minnesota

  • Mike is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. I highly recommend him.

    Rob Kovell CPA, CVA, ABV
    Partner Miller, Welle, and Heiser CPAs
    St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • I am very happy to tell you that we got the best overall responses to your presentation last week of any program we have had in a long time! Your presentation was appealing to a broad swath of our membership and the information was useful in a very practical sense.

    Conrad L. Slate, Sr. CLU, ChFC, MSFS,
    President, Knoxville Estate Planning Council
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Michael has a great depth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. He is a trustworthy source and an excellent sounding board. Michael is very responsive to his clients' needs.

    Top qualities of Michael Gregory: he is an expert; he is always on time, and he truly has high integrity.

    Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, ASA, CFE
    Director of Consulting Services
    Mueller Prost PC, PKF
    St Louis, Missouri

  • Excellent! Very well informed and energetic presentation! Lots of good practical information.

    A.H. Crawford CPA
    Goldsboro, North Carolina

  • I know Mike to be an exceptionally gifted mediator. I have personally seen Mike’s skills at work in resolving the most complex matters both in business and in other matters. I highly recommend Mike to you.

    Howard Lewis MS, CBA, CVA, ABAR, BCA
    Risk Guidance Company
    Corals Springs, Florida

  • Mike has lived on both sides of his topic which adds real depth and relevance. Great application and stories. Mike made this vigorously interesting, even life changing. Imagine that! I really mean the “life changing” comment. Thanks so much.

    Janet Lockerbie, CPA
    Lagrange, Georgia

What's the PROBLEM?

Do you want to...

  • negotiate winning solutions with the IRS on business valuation, business to business or within businesses
  • resolve conflict with customers, clients, vendors or employees?
  • enhance effectiveness with your team and organization?
  • more productive, engaged employees?
  • be a better negotiator, facilitator or mediator?
  • to feel more engaged?
  • feel like you really make a difference and bring others on board too?
  • to enhance cooperation and working with others?

What's the SOLUTION?

Mike will help you as an expert on the IRS or other areas of conflict as a facilitator, negotiator or mediator.

Mike will give you the tools you can use immediately as your consultant, key note speaker or workshop instructor.

Mike Gregory customizes solutions so clients can de-escalate, resolve conflict, negotiate winning solutions and inspire working with others.

Mike gives you the tools you need to de-escalate yourself, others on your team and the other party.

Mike speaks on these topics internationally.

Mike will speak to your organization on this and other leadership or technical topics.

Mike will provide you one of his high energy, high content, and high involvement presentations.

Why is Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC the Best Solution?

Return on Investment

This saves clients time, money and energy to focus on other matters and enhance productivity by bringing closure to difficult situations.

Extreme Customization

No two client sessions are the same. He works with you to resolve your issue or develop training unique to your needs.

Add Value Like Crazy

Design and deliver what you need, provide handouts you can reproduce, and offers continuing involvement.

Mike’s style

High energy, high content, and high interaction so that you have a solution that works for you and your team.


Leave knowing what to do and how to do it. He provides you with the information, soft skills and innovative strategies to address your concerns.

Speaking Events

Collaboration and the Great Wealth Transfer

March 21st, 2018
Fifth and Third Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mike applies the most current concepts of neuroscience to issue resolution to help you resolve your issues.

Mike now offers a key note on "My Story | Your Story, How to De-escalate and Resolve Conflict" allowing participants to reflect on their own experienes and learn from the presentation how to de-escalate and then negotiate to develop collaborative solutions.

Mike has a passion to learn and to share what he has learned to help others. To assist you he has written 10 books and he provides 14 videos  on leadership and tax topics to give you what you need for success. Mike has given over 250 presentations internationally to firms, bar associations, CPA societies, appraisal organizations, universities and others.

He would be happy to make a presentation to your organization.

Besides presentations Mike consults as a mediator and negotiator as he helps clients resolve issues within client to government, client to business, and within organization venues. For example with the IRS, within board of directors, shareholder disputes, between partners etc.