Speaking Engagements

As a dynamic keynote or technical speaker over 40 times annually, Mike provides value added insight on how to negotiate and resolve conflict. Whether the conflict be in general or specifically dealing with difficult people on complex issues the proven process is similar. With extensive business and IRS experience be it with the IRS on technical valuation, research credit or other issues relating to estate and gift tax or corporate tax both the technical preparation and relationship building are critical. The same techniques may be applied to any issue.

Are you looking for a motivational, dynamic, interactive speaker?  Do you need a presenter that will engage your organization as a key note speaker, workshop presenter, seminar facilitator, expert teacher or motivational trainer?

No other firm has the comparable experience related to leadership, the ability to relate to participants, and motivate employees to take specific actions to improve their performance.  Mike's experience at the IRS and the private sector dealing with conflict resolution in the areas of business valuation, research credit, international tax or other complex issues and conflict resolution set the stage for Mike today to work with boards of directors, executives, senior managers, managers and employees on a wide variety of issues. Whether it be developing leaders, resolving conflict, teaching conflict resolution mediation and negotiation techniques, Mike works with you to address your concern with integrity and timeliness. By being a student of neuroscience Mike is continually updating his techniques so that these can be applied to real world problems.

Educational Services

As an experienced leader, teacher and speaker, Mike provides value added ideas and insights with practical applications that are immediately apparent. His videos and books offer concise commentary to provide the reader or viewer on point commentary to address these issues.

Having been nominated by his employees, Mike was humbled to twice be named as a civil servant of the year as a team leader and senior manager. By being a student of leadership and various IRS technical issues he continually enhances his skills learned over 25 years as a manager and teacher to teach management training and IRS technical topics that are both up to date and practical.

Conflict Resolution

Do you have a conflict with a business, the IRS (valuation, research credit or complex tax matter), or within your team? Do you want to overcome a conflict or educate your team on how to overcome conflict? If you do Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC can help you.

When Mike initially indicates to clients (businesses, board of directors, attorneys, accountants, business valuers, not for profits and others) that he brings Peaceful Resolutions tied to his most recent book on the subject to conflict, they typically nod and initially question whether these services are needed. However, when Mike indicates that he has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars and overcome significant emotional disputes between parties by listening to and understanding the client's perspective, listening to and educating the other party to further expand their interests, and applying techniques from neuroscience to work with the parties to reach an agreement, they can see the value added. Clients save significant time, resources, and money as well the emotional toil when an agreement is reached.

Our brains are 98% emotional and 2% rationale. This further explains why the focus is on building relationships, listening, educating and understanding. Mike may proceed as part of your negotiation team as a negotiator or as a true neutral mediator in a mediation depending on your needs. As a member of the National Speakers Association, a qualified mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court with 28 years experience at all levels of management, being an accredited (ASA) and a certified (CVA) business appraiser, and having serviced hundreds of clients in the private sector, Michael Gregory brings a unique set of skills to help you with your concerns. For an initial free call, call Mike directly at 651-633-5311. Throughout his entire career at every level he has always made his direct line available to service others.  Give him a call and he will help you or share with you through his network of over 4,500 contacts.