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Conflict Resolution

Man with hand on chin looking up with a questioning look and a series of question marks around him
November 29th, 2021

Combat negative thoughts for better collaboration and overcoming conflict

Research varies on how many thoughts we have each day considering how many are original and how many are repeats. However, about 95% are negative thoughts. Wow! What can you do to combat this and what is one question you can ask to help overcome this perspective? Knowing this information can have a major impact on addressing conflict and on promoting collaboration.

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November 22nd, 2021

How to avoid conflict in negotiations

Understanding the roles and relationships in negotiations is critical for complex negotiations to avoid conflict. By taking the time to prepare each member of the negotiation to understand and fulfill their respective responsibilities is critical. As the negotiation unfolds members can adjust and modify their role as required in a negotiation based on their research and how the negotiation unfolds. There are steps you can take to avoid certain types of conflict in a negotiation. These are explored in this commentary.

October 28th, 2021

Honest Feedback - Achieving Long-Term Gains

Mediation and Conflict Resolution - The feedback of higher authorities plays a crucial role in maintaining a good work ambiance. Honest feedback is always the best feedback. However, there are times when managers cannot give honest feedback to their staff.

October 22nd, 2021

How do you make uncomfortable situations comfortable?

We all must deal with people and stressful situations at work, home, and life.

Key elements associated with a negotiation
October 10th, 2021

To avoid conflict in negotiations here are four ways to offer concessions

In a negotiation it is important to know your own position, your interests, and what you may be w

September 20th, 2021

Here are six advantages of alternative dispute resolution

Do you want closure, an acceptable resolution, a chance to be heard and understood without having to go court? Consider alternative dispute resolution. This alternative provides you with what is often a better option and can save you money, time, and emotional toil. You could elect arbitration and have a third party make the decision, or what may be even better you could have a professional mediator mediate between the parties and help the parties come up an alternative the works for both parties. Alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation is the focus of this article providing you with six advantages for you to think about.

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September 13th, 2021

How should you counteroffer in a negotiation?

Do you want to be more successful in your next negotiation?  Do you want to know some strategies on how to offer a counteroffer in a negotiation? Some approaches are better than others depending on the situation. This article explores some options for your consideration.

Woman with facial expression an body language that shows annoyed
September 6th, 2021

This is how to prevent a high conflict employee from draining energy from you and your team

As a leader and manager your role is to promote productivity, be there to help, and support your team. So, what happens when an unhealthy conflict emerges. An unhealthy conflict erodes trust, drains you and your team members of energy, and takes time away from you and team members to address these concerns. When this happens this lowers morale.  People respond in various ways including shutting down, becoming angry, not collaborating, looking out for themselves, reducing business metrics, lowering customer satisfaction, and disenfranchising others. This can become contagious. What can you do? That is the focus on this commentary.

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August 20th, 2021

Here are three rules on how to lead tough, unavoidable conversations

To hear the expert or read the transcript from an expert in the field check out this 15-minute Ted Talk by Dr. Adar Cohen on “3 ways to lead, tough, unavoidable conversations”.  Having watched the video and read the transcript I wanted to share with you his three rules, but also add some additional information based on over 2,500 mediations and negotiations coupled with over 25 of years of management experience at all levels.  

four people sitting around a table with one person speaking and the others listening intently
August 8th, 2021

Six key attributes of listening actively

For both collaboration and conflict resolution listening actively is key to understanding. All to often you have what we want to say on the top of your agenda and what you want to have happen as your primary position. However, if you want to truly collaborate and/or address conflict resolution, the real key is to listen actively. This article provides you with six key attributes to listen actively. Based on this commentary you can act to constructively apply these six key attributes to promote both collaboration and conflict resolution.


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