How to Help Those Feeling Anxiety Today

How to Help Those Feeling Anxiety Today

The election is over.   About half of the country is depressed and half is feeling pretty good.  Among friends, relatives and work associates there can be a host of emotions right now.   Psychologically this can be very draining.  You or others may need some assistance.

I am struck by two articles from The Greater Good from the University of California at Berkeley that may help you or others at this time.  These are based on neuroscience.  You may want to consider sharing these with others out of compassion and concern if you think these may be helpful.

The first article is entitled Five Science Backed Ways to Build Resilience by Kira M. Newman.  She proposes:

1.       Change the narrative (consider expressive writing)

2.       Face your fears

3.       Practice self-compassion

4.       Meditate

5.       Cultivate forgiveness

The second article is entitled How You Can Find Good in a Nasty Election Cycle by Kelly McGonigal.  She suggests:

1.       Do something (prior to the election she suggests voting – I offer consider volunteering somewhere with something you care about after the election)

2.       Look for the good

3.       Be the good

This is a short blog today, but seeing various folks on various forms of social media, I thought these two articles may offer some assistance to help you and/or help those around you feeling anxious.  After all just over 47.7% of the nation ended up voting for Hillary and 47.5% ended up voting for Donald.  There are a lot of people hurting today with the results.  Perhaps these articles may help and assist with avoiding conflict.

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