Business Valuation Assistance and Review

Reviews and assistance are proviced for tax submissions, examination resolution, appeals settlements and litigation conflicts.  Example areas include valuations, research credit, and international tax issues.

Business valuation assistance has been provided to business valuation appraisers on topics such as addressing clients that want something that does not meet professional standards, and technical assistance on nearly every aspect in the development of a business valuation report.  A special emphasis has been made in the area of compensation and other adjustments to income statements and balance sheets, discounts, the development of a discount rate, selecting comparable guideline companies, reconciliation of methods, and common errors in reports.  Business valuation review has consisted of a review of both parties’ reports, providing feedback on areas of concern and assisting the client on what areas to consider pursuing or correcting going forward.  Work in the areas of reserach credit has included assistance to professionnals in the area and issue resolution with the IRS.  Feedback on this timely quality service has been exceptional.