Leadership topics by Michael Gregory

As a manager with over 25 years experience at all levels of management from front line manager to executive level I offer insights to help all leaders to enhance skills.

  • Mike shares information from the 50 best places to work
  • Participants can take immediate actions with the tools provided on
  • Enhancing effectiveness, communication and time management

Introduction of a technical topic to the Illinois CPAs

In this video I was asked to introduce myself and my topic for a technical session on how to work with the IRS for the Illinois Society of CPAs in Chicago.

  • Information is provided on my IRS career
  • Conflict resolution with the IRS is explored
  • Brain science is introduced with practical applications

An example of a story on listening for the Illinois CPAs

It is important to be serious, but it is also important to demonstrate a sense of humor. Stories help bring home the point and audiences enjoy a good story. This example offers:

  • insight from my experiences
  • that audiences can relate to
  • on how to listen effectively

Michael Gregory being interview by Brien Jones, the Executive Director of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts

I was honored and humbled to be interviewed by Brien Jones as one of the emerging leaders with NACVA. In this video I offer comments on my history and my firm that focuses on:

  • Helping others resolve conflict with the IRS and others,
  • negotiate winning solutions, and
  • inspire leaders as a speaker and author.