Effective Strategies for Working R&E Credit with the IRS

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Michael Gregory of Michael Gregory Consulting will take a little over an hour of a two hour time slot to allow ample time for interaction and discussions relating to research credit issues.  His presentation will focus on “Effective Strategies for Working R&E Credit with the IRS.  He will take excerpts from his new book “How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants and Appraisers” to introduce key pointers related to the IRS stovepipe organizations and how they approach this issue differently as well as the official and unofficial rules of engagement on issues in general and this issue in particular. Given this as background, he will go over issue resolution, key R&E credit areas at the IRS, sampling, how to be proactive and specific key court cases related to R&E credit. Finally, he will share some observations and stories on this issue since joining the private sector in September 2011

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