Golden Suggestions and Alternative Dispute Resolution with the IRS

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

After sharing how issue resolution works with the IRS during prefiling, examination, Appeals and litigation Mike presents golden suggestions for your consideration from his new book, Business Valuations and the IRS: Five books in one.

These golden suggestions were selected from PART II of his new book that offers 5 chapters on how to resolve issues with the IRS.

PART II addresses the most common errors in valuation followed by strategies for:

  • Issue resolution and mediation

  • Suggestions for using the IRS evaluation process to resolve issues

  • Strategies for resolving conflicts with IRS teams and agents

  • Suggestions for writing a business valuation report for the IRS while avoiding potential penalties

Today Mike will focus on part of one chapter on resolving conflict with IRS teams and agents using some of the 25 golden suggestions in that chapter.

Mike will lead an interactive session with the group on these golden suggestions to leave you with actions you can apply on your cases with the IRS or in other venues.

NACVA Minnesota Chapter
3131 Campus Dr, Plymouth, MN 55441