How to Overcome Conflict with Collaboration

Friday, October 5, 2018


Mike will define collaboration, and with significant wealth changing hands over the next few years, the audience will be engaged in a high energy interactive session on this topic.

Elements from three of Mike's books will be used in the presentation, Peaceful Resolutions, The Servant Manager and Business Valuations and the IRS.

Brain science will be applied to enlighten participants on the steps necessary in order to explore and enhance opportunities to provide for better client outcomes.  Mike will introduce the National Association of Estate Planning Council’s Legacy training on Multi-Disciplinary Teaming and expand on how attorneys, CPAs, CLUs, financial experts and business valuers can enhance client outcomes through collaboration.

The processes of de-escalation, communication, conversation, listening, discussion, negotiation, and compromise leading to collaboration are presented to give participants the tools they need so that they can apply them immediately in their practice. 

American Society of Appraisers - Virtual Chapter
Washington, DC