How to Work with the IRS: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This session will provide insight into how the IRS works and provide highlights on three technical areas.  A brief background on the IRS organization as it relates to Estate and Gift tax issues is presented to provide the participant with insight into the various silos and different cultures associated with business appraisal issues.  The national and local classification process in Estate and Gift tax is presented.   Two technical topics from  the books Business Appraisals and the IRS (May 2013) and Discounts for Lack of Marketability and the IRS (October 2013) regarding Discounts for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) and valuing interests in S-Corporations are presented.  In addition, commentary on Family Limited Partnerships (FLP’s) addressing various concerns for the business appraiser is explored.  

Empire Valuations
New Yore, New York