IRS Audit Environment and Best Practices

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Drawing on research in the field of neuroscience, Mike will provide practitioners with insights into how conflicts may be resolved including with the IRS. After an introduction with two examples, Mike provide background on certain aspects of neuroscience that may be helpful in conflict resolution. After a brief discussion on the structure of the IRS, and how it may impact the audit process, Mike will discuss ten more real world examples and provide additional insights that will be helpful to those in the insurance industry looking at the future focus of the IRS.  Technical topics include the IRS 12 deadly sins with commentary on §41 research credit, § 31(b) captive insurance, §419, §79 in understanding how to avoid and what to do if audited.  This will include commentary regarding an audit, appeals and litigation.

First Financial Resources
Amelia Island, Florida