Leadership and Opportunity

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This session focuses on lessons learned regarding leadership and developing the leader within each of us.

Ideas are presented on how to explore and use opportunities to take constructive actions for self-improvement.  Ideas are taken from Mike’s book, The Servant Manager: 203 tips from the best places to work in America  and Peaceful Resolutions, A 60-step illustrated guide to the art of conflict resolution.

After discussing some lessons learned from neuroscience on how our brains work, statistics are presented on the disconnect between how well management thinks employees are on board compared to how well employees are on board. This is explored across the generations.

Lessons Mike has learned with over 25 years in management and tips from the best places to work in America are presented to help you apply these successful tips on leadership. By exploring and taking advantage of opportunities you can take actions to both motivate and develop yourself and others to be more engaged in what you do.

Finally new leadership thinking is presented to tie everything together and to allow you to take specific actions going forward.

State of Minnesota Department of Pubic Safety
St. Paul, MN