Mock IRS Audit: Real World Valuation Examples on Working with the IRS (A BVR Web Workshop)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

During this session Mike Gregory and Bryant Lancaster provide you with a real world mock estate IRS audit example based on a case the two worked on together. After a couple of real world “war stories” and an initial introduction to IRS processes and procedures to help you understand the mock audit, Mike and Bryant will play the roles of the IRS business valuer and the taxpayer’s business valuer while narrating the process to help you understand what takes place. No two cases are the same with the IRS, but many of the elements are the same. You will gain real insight into the process and also receive 25 golden nuggets to take with you to help you resolve conflicts with the IRS and in other venues based on brain science. After presenting this well thought out practical exercise time will be left for any questions you have on what was presented.

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