Peaceful Resolutions

Thursday, May 10, 2018

This session will emphasize how we as coaches need to center ourselves and then help others de-escalate to be receptive to listening. We all encounter difficult people (situations where emotions run high).

Knowing some clues from neuroscience we can take actions to remain calm (manage emotions) and apply techniques to help others apply processes for de-escalation.

This interactive session will provide an experience to help you and your clients to avert flooding in difficult situations (In this interactive session, participants will practice identifying what other people actually need to move forward and articulating what you need in a way that makes difficult people responsive to develop solutions that integrate everyone’s needs).

Building consensus, increasing mutual understanding and including effective communication techniques to your toolkit will enable participants to apply lessons learned immediately.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand current thinking from neuroscience on the art of de-escalation
  • Know how to center yourself and manage emotions
  • Know how to work with difficult people and situations
  • Understand how to help others that need help with de-escalation.
  • Build consensus and apply techniques to enhance communication and understanding to reach solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs
Dakota County
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