Three Presentations - Working with the IRS, Non-Controlling S-Corp Valuations, Discounts for Lack of Marketabilityh

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Estate and Gift Tax Issues and the IRS

A brief background on the IRS organization as it relates to Estate and Gift tax issues is presented to provide the participant with insight into the various silos and different cultures associated with business appraisal issues.  The process of both the national and local classification process in Estate and Gift tax is presented and issues related to an examination explored to provide insight of what to do to avoid an audit and what to do if audited.

Valuing Non-Controlling Interests in S-Corps

In this session participants  will: learn the most current thinking by the IRS when the IRS reviews an S-Corp valuation; learn what the IRS deems as not acceptable and potential litigating approaches; understand how the IRS thinks the valuation should be completed; understand what the IRS thinks of various court cases and tax affecting; and gain insight from the presenter on how you may want to respond going forward

How to Prepare a DLOM for the IRS

This session initially explores the background and the IRS publication “Discount for Lack of Marketability – Job Aid for IRS Valuators” which Mike championed at the IRS with an update on additional sources, and methods for consideration when developing a DLOM. In developing Mikes’  book “Discount for Lack of Marketability and the IRS” , the authors originally critiqued were asked for feedback. Their feedback plus Mike’s insights are presented to help you address this issue.


Bucks County Estate Planning Council
Doylestown Country Club in Doylestown, PA