What Business Valuers Need to Know For IRS Valuations

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ALL NEW FOR 2018 - Mike’s latest book, Business Valuations and the IRS, Five Books in One (2018) will be used to address three technical sessions with the latest updates on valuing non-controlling interests in S-corps including an internal IRS email obtained by a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) directly on point, reasonable compensation and discounts for lack of marketability for IRS purposes updated for 2018.

Links will be provided to the IRS Job Aids for each of the three technical commentaries.

Having explored these three Job Aids, commentary is provided to help the business valuer when preparing a business valuation report for the IRS to avoid the most common errors in business valuation reports with 25 specific suggestions to avoid conflicts with the IRS.

List of Course Highlights (2018)

  • How the IRS values non-controlling interests in S corps and what you should do
  • How the IRS determines reasonable compensation and what you should do
  • Discount for lack of marketability and what you should do for IRS purposes
  • What business valuers need to know to avoid the most common errors with 25 golden suggestions
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