What CPA’s Need to Know to Avoid Audits and to Avoid Conflict When Audited

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This is a full day of CPE for CPAs covering five subject areas.


This course initially looks at the IRS, how it is organized and offers practitioners ideas to both avoid an audit and what to do if audited.  This includes considering the use of experts such as appraisers and business valuers.  After lunch we will participate in a lively interactive session addressing communication types to provide you with insight on addressing issues with those that have a different perspective than the participant.  A further elaboration on communication considering neuroscience will help participants to move towards peaceful resolutions and address conflict.  At the end of the day the material is tied together regarding an IRS audit to provide the participant with ideas on working with the IRS on both relationship and technical issues.

List of Course Highlights

Effective Strategies for Avoiding and/or Resolving IRS Audits 2 hours

Federal Tax Litigation and Expert Witnesses 2 hours

Communication, Diversity and Perspective for Resolving Conflict 1 hour

Applying Neuroscience to Conflict for Peaceful Resolutions 2 hours

How to Work with the IRS – Tying Everything Together 1 Hour

Nebraska Society of CPAs
Mahoney State Park Ashland, NE