What CPA’s Need to Know to Avoid Audits and to Avoid Conflict When Audited

Thursday, May 31, 2018

ALL NEW for 2018 This course initially looks at the IRS, how it is organized and offers practitioners ideas to avoid an audit and what to do if audited and provide practical strategies on how to resolve issues with the IRS.

This includes considering the use of experts such as appraisers and business valuers (ABV).

After lunch we will participate in a lively interactive session addressing communication types to provide you with insight on addressing issues with those that have a different perspective than the participant.

A further elaboration with practical pointers for CPA’s taken from the over 180 practical pointers from Mike’s latest book will be discussed to leave you with action items you can take should you have issues with the IRS.

List of Course Highlights (2018)

  • The IRS organization, electronic screening, classification, inventory building, selected audits
  • Resolving conflicts with the IRS
  • Effective strategies for managing interactions with the IRS
  • Practical Pointers for CPAs that have to work with the IRS

Class Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand how the IRS is organized into 13 business units with 11 oriented towards external customers
  • Understand how the stovepipe divisions of Large Business and International, Small Business Self Employed, Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities, and Wage and Investment operate differently since the IRS reorganization of 2000 to today and how this impacts participants working with the IRS
  • Understand IRS classification
  • Learn how the IRS selects cases including the new campaigns in LB&I
  • Understand how to develop a positive relationship with an IRS representative and what to do if this does not work
  • Learn how issue resolution works differently in different IRS divisions and what you can do
  • Learn how to apply specific actions to develop both a healthy relationship and technical development to work towards issue resolution with the IRS
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