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  • Michael has a great depth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. He is a trustworthy source and an excellent sounding board. Michael is very responsive to his clients' needs.

    Top qualities of Michael Gregory: he is an expert; he is always on time, and he truly has high integrity.

    Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, ASA, CFE
    Director of Consulting Services
    Mueller Prost PC, PKF
    St Louis, Missouri

  • I know Mike to be an exceptionally gifted mediator. I have personally seen Mike’s skills at work in resolving the most complex matters both in business and in other matters. I highly recommend Mike to you.

    Howard Lewis MS, CBA, CVA, ABAR, BCA
    Risk Guidance Company
    Corals Springs, Florida

  • Mike is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. I highly recommend him.

    Rob Kovell CPA, CVA, ABV
    Partner Miller, Welle, and Heiser CPAs
    St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Excellent! Very well informed and energetic presentation! Lots of good practical information.

    A.H. Crawford CPA
    Goldsboro, North Carolina

  • Relevant, current, exceptional and thought provoking insights using neuroscience in applications with the IRS and others where there may be a conflict.

    John Heidebrecht, ASA, CFE, MAFF, CDFA, CAC, MBA
    Berning and Heidebrecht
    Medina, Minnesota

  • I am very happy to tell you that we got the best overall responses to your presentation last week of any program we have had in a long time! Your presentation was appealing to a broad swath of our membership and the information was useful in a very practical sense.

    Conrad L. Slate, Sr. CLU, ChFC, MSFS,
    President, Knoxville Estate Planning Council
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Mike is a dynamic speaker who helps us to recognize what we are doing right and to enhance communication with others. Although we had people from many different areas with different job duties, we are all in the people business.

    Julie Ramer
    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Mike has lived on both sides of his topic which adds real depth and relevance. Great application and stories. Mike made this vigorously interesting, even life changing. Imagine that! I really mean the “life changing” comment. Thanks so much.

    Janet Lockerbie, CPA
    Lagrange, Georgia