Strategic Planning

Strategic planning begins with an assessment of the facts and an agreement on a process with you  Having clarified your needs, I work with you to customize a process consistent with your needs.  Organizational mandates are clarified.  By identifying and understanding stakeholders the mission can be refined to reflect the values of the firm in light of stakeholder concerns.  After assessing the internal and external environments, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) can be determined.   This allows for a framing of the strategic issues. After formulating these issues, strategies can be developed to manage these issues.  With this information a strategic plan can be formulated to be reviewed and adopted.  An effective organizational vision including buy in through the development of an effective process with a reassessment of the strategies and strategic planning process ensures execution and alignment of the firm.  Working with your employees and aligning everyone with the overall mission with periodic feedback ensures not only the development of a plan, but a plan of action with meanigful results.