Peaceful Resolutions

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About This Presentation

This session focuses on the art of resolving issues peacefully. Isn’t that what we really want? After an introduction relating to the art of communication and the art of conversations, the art of listening is explored as we dive deeper into the processes that are generally more complex. The art of discussion (between unrelated parties) and the art of negotiation take us further into areas where are more like to have conflicts. At times we realize that we cannot resolve issues ourselves so the next section explores the art of mediation when we might bring in a neutral party to help us work together to resolve issues. Having presented the lessons learned in these sections, the art of compromise is explored to help participants tie the earlier sections together. The keys of listening and understanding (the facts, the issues, the emotion behind the issues, and the interests) each other lead to potential solutions that are acceptable to all parties. These ideas flow from two of Mike’s books, The Servant Manager: 203 tips from the best places to work in America (2013) and Peaceful Resolutions (2015). In the end peaceful resolutions revolve around respecting one another and the concept of love they neighbor. Whether in a personal, business setting or other setting, this presentation can help parties work towards a peaceful resolution.