Services are provided to various market segments including closely held corporations, compensation, construction, emerging companies, environmental (MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering), finance (MBA in Finance), intellectual property (held a US Patent), labor/employee issues, mergers and acquisitions, not for profits, tax (estate and gift, income, international), transfer pricing, and wealth management. Services include issue resolution, expert report review, litigation support, and value added services given insight into these market segments from a variety of experiences. Understanding the IRS classification process offers unique insight. Having led national teams on valuation (business and real property), 409A, penalties, reasonable compensation, family limited partnerships, and other issues at the IRS Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC has insight to assist firms in risk management.

Preventing issues in the first place by supplying appropriate information with the return helps avoid conflicts after classification. If an issue develops, knowing who to speak to and how to address an issue can provide timely closures. Knowing how to write a report for the perceived audience including the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court considering the individuals in the judiciary can significantly enhance the quality of a report for litigation.

With 12 years experience in mediation (qualified neutral with the MN Supreme Court) and having worked issues with differences between the IRS and taxpayers from a few hundred thousand to on the order of a billion dollars, this experience can help you and your clients (sometimes between partners or their family members) resolve all types of issues between parties. Applications between family members, partners, and internal parties have resulted in markedly improved results.

Mike has spoke to estate planning councils, the Judge’s Conference, state CPA organizations, valuation professional groups (ASA, NACVA, IBA, state CPA ABV organizations) and other professional organization (CFA’s, ASCSP’s, wealth management organizations, banking organizations, and real property organizations). He is ready to meet with your organization too. Since announcing his book on How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants and Appraisers, Mike has received over 60 responses for potential speaking engagements. He would be happy to speak with your organization too.

With a background in strategic planning and over 25 years management clients have asked for assistance in this area and in reviewing current processes and/or interpersonal group dynamic issues. Initial assistance with strategic planning has consistently developed into additional value added services. These services have resulted in an improved focus, execution, and alignment providing improved productivity, morale, and customer service.