Is It Better in Negotiations to Play Hardball or Focus on Win - Win?

Is It Better in Negotiations to Play Hardball or Focus on Win

Subscribing to the Program on Negotiations blog from the Harvard Law School I occasionally download free articles from this site.  A recent article related to Sports Negotiation caught my eye and I downloaded it.  I found in useful whether I am involved with business to business, business to government or within business negotiations.  I am providing a link in case you want to download the article.  It is 12 pages long.   Here is an outline of the article.

With all the rage around professional sports, sport contracts, negotiations, and arbitration, I thought you may find this of interest too and learn something along the way.

Get your head in the game

     Mistake number 1: Viewing negotiation as a fixed pie

     Solution share information

     Mistake number 2: Anchoring on the first offer

     Solution reject anchors

     Mistake number 3: Escalating commitment

     Solution don't dwell on the past

Manage team dynamics

     A rush on the field

     The playbook changes

Gain a competitive edge

     The presence of agents

     Lack of alternatives

     No zone of agreement

     From competition to collaboration

          Manage your agent

          Insist on expanding the pie

          Analyze the market

          Create better alternatives



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