Here is a great video about a bicycle that turns the opposite way it should and the pain this causes in trying to learn how to change. It really is interesting and unexpected. I want to thank Eric Gregory for encouraging Ashley Smith to share it with me. Eric was right. I did find it very interesting on several levels.

One, the physiological level, of the brain trying to learn and unlearn something and then learn it again by a very intelligent adult;

Two, how much quicker a five year old is at than a very intelligent adult;

Three of the major lessons learned. We can take these to the bank. These are:

  • Knowledge does not equal understanding
  • Truth is truth
  • Be careful how you look at and interpret things because we all look at the world with bias.

As a mediator I know there are three sides to every issue. These are my side, your side and the truth. The key is listening to others to uncover the truth.


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