Top Ten Business Negotiation Articles

Another blog I follow is the Harvard Program on Negotiation from the Harvard Law School. As a mediator and consultant on negotiations related to conflict that is business to business, business to government (often IRS related) and within businesses, I am constantly learning from my actual experiences with clients as well as staying current on various articles, books and blogs. Speaking on such topics as well I am continually learning from my audiences. Here is a great summary of potential articles that you may find of interest related to negotiation.

Simply click on the links and go. The articles are free, but don't let the price keep you from realizing the tremendous value of these articles to you when you are involved in a negotiation. Consider which of these may help you most.

Top Ten Business Negotiation Articles

From the right of first refusal in real estate to solutions for avoiding intercultural barriers to communication at the negotiation table, here are the 10 top business negotiations article on the PON website

Here are the top ten business negotiations articles on the Program on Negotiation website. Drawn from a variety of negotiation case studies as well as negotiation research, the following articles present negotiation examples in real life and offer strategies for engaging in integrative negotiations strategies aimed at creating win-win scenarios for each party at the negotiation table.

  1. What is the Right of First Refusal?

    Rights of refusal can be costly to both parties at the negotiation table. What do negotiators need to know when negotiating over real estate, and what does it mean when sellers require a right of first refusal? Real estate rights of first refusal can be advantageous and offer opportunities for each side to create value and build a relationship. Read this article to discover what a right of first refusal is in business negotiations and how it works in commercial transactions and negotiated agreements.

  2. Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Tactics: Solutions for Avoiding Intercultural Barriers at the Negotiation Table

    How can bias harm negotiators at the bargaining table? Can bias offer certain advantages in negotiation scenarios? This article offers three negotiation tips for overcoming cultural barriers in bargaining situations and outlines the impact of bias on the negotiation process.

  3. Examples of Negotiation in Business: Apple and Samsung Offer a Case Study of Successful Dispute Resolution

    Discover how these high profile business negotiating titans ended up in court over a dispute about the appearance of Samsung’s popular line of Galaxy smartphones which, Apple alleges, mimic the look and feel of its iconic iPhone. This article examines the benefits businesses will incur by negotiating or mediating their disputes rather than taking them to the courts.

  4. Using Bias to Your Advantage in Business Negotiations

    Advanced negotiating skills and negotiation tactics, such as anchoring and effectively mapping out your and your counterpart’s BATNA, or best alternative to a negotiated agreement, are well known negotiation skills taught in many negotiation training seminars. What about using your counterpart’s biases to your advantage at the negotiation table? This article discusses four sources of bias at the bargaining table: anchoring, availability, framing, and contrast effects. Learn how to incorporate these naturally occurring biases into your negotiation strategies in future bargaining scenarios.

  5. Real Estate Negotiations – Buying a Home and Dealing with Difficult People

    While buying a home may involve some of the most high-pressure personal negotiations a buyer can face, selling a home involves the successful coordination of one of the most complicated commercial transactions a negotiator can imagine. How do both sides manage conflict, create value, and successfully negotiate an agreement? Using a negotiation example from real life that draws upon a very common commercial negotiation scenario, this article offers advice for real estate negotiations whether you’re the buyer or the seller. Concepts of fairness and inherent flexibility in the negotiated agreement are discussed from the perspective of business negotiation strategy.

  6. Why Negotiation is Important in Business

    Here are 10 newsworthy business negotiations from the world of music and entertainment to corporate finance and industrial mergers. What can the Fiat-Chrysler merger tell business negotiators about creating value, building relationships, and coordinating action for sustainable business success? What negotiation tactics did Robin Thicke use in his dispute with Marvin Gaye’s estate over alleged infringement of song copyright? What can Apple and Samsung’s myriad of business disputes teach business negotiators about the power of mediation or negotiation to avoid the hassle of the court system? Find out in these ten business negotiation case studies.

  7. Case Study of Conflict Management: New Dispute Resolution Skills

    Here are three dispute resolution and conflict management skills negotiators can use to keep arguments to a minimum at the bargaining table while emphasizing productive negotiations and win-win situations bolstered by viable negotiated agreements. These three negotiation tips involve a negotiator’s personal mastery over herself, her message, and her ability to manage her team.

  8. Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Tactics: Test Your Negotiation Decision-Making Ability

    Test your ability to negotiate with a short, three-question test designed to measure an individual’s estimation of expected value and the impact of the passage of time on that expectation. Understanding these two phenomena is essential to crafting viable negotiated agreements according to negotiation research.

  9. Negotiation Techniques Based on Negotiation Research from Bargaining Strategies in the M&A World

    This article offers negotiation advice drawn from negotiation research about how negotiators can deal with multiple parties at the bargaining table. Using business negotiation examples in real life from the world of mergers and acquisitions, the dynamics behind high-stakes bargaining scenarios and the mechanics of creating viable negotiated agreements is discussed with reference to integrative negotiations strategies whose goal is to create value and build relationships.

  10. Negotiation Ethics and Fairness

    Negotiation ethics and norms of fairness in negotiation scenarios is discussed in this article using negotiation research on the concepts of equality, equity, and need.

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