Two Free Items to Help Expert Witnesses and Business Professionals

Two Free Items to Help Expert Witnesses and Business Professionals

I subscribe to the free BV Wire. I find it to consistently provide good information for business valuers. Since I review expert reports and assist with both IRS resolutions and with mediation between parties, I find the information informative and helpful. Today in BV Wire are two posts that should be of particular interest to business valuers and experts in any field. These are:

  • A great book about how to become an expert in a particular field is The Visible Expert, a free e-book available at
  • A new Excel plugin for the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Comps Tool will drastically reduce the time it takes to develop and analyze a set of defensible comps. BVR recently conducted a webinar that demonstrates the new plugin, and you can have free access to a recording if you click here (free registration required).

The recently launched PitchBook Excel Plugin helps users easily integrate data with Excel, build their own model, or choose from existing templates. With this plugin, users can easily examine, manipulate, and update analysis with one click. Designed specifically for business valuation professionals, the>PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Comps Tool builds a list of comparables with comprehensive financials and links to source documents, income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow. Set your criteria, do the search, and then easily review and modify the list. You can access the complete Excel Plugin User Guide here.

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Mike Gregory is a professional speaker, an author, and a mediator. You may contact Mike directly at and at (651) 633-5311. Mike has written 12 books (and co-authored two others) including his latest book, The Collaboration Effect: Overcoming Your Conflicts, and The Servant Manager, Business Valuations and the IRS, and Peaceful Resolutions that you may find helpful. [Michael Gregory, ASA, CVA, MBA, Qualified Mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court]