Communication, Diversity and Perspective

This session is tailored to a specific client with individual needs. The key to this training is to have interactive feedback along the way to ensure participants learn and retain the material to be used on the job. In this way participants will be able to use what was learned to improve productivity, customer service and employee morale. The commentary that follows presents example module topics.

Effective two-way communication involves real listening versus pseudo-listening. Barriers to listening are explored and ideas presented on how to overcome them. Techniques for active listening are presented, discussed and practiced. By choosing specific types of questions specific types of responses may be obtained. The interest-based problem solving model (RIGS) and the mediation model (FIFI) are introduced.

Ways of giving and receiving constructive feedback are presented as well as the feed forward model. With this as background how to deal with difficult people is discussed and concrete solutions explored to help participants with these types of issues in the future. Sometimes hard conversations are necessary. This topic is worked with participants. Forgiveness is up to us. A telling story and healing bring this concept home. Various oral communication methods and techniques are presented and discussed. The topic of how to handle a person who won’t quit talking and how the participant can speak in nutshells are presented and discussed. For those that use voice messaging systems, proper protocols and creative ideas are presented and discussed.

Moving into written communication and presentations, writing fundamentals, keys to email success, organizing and making effective presentations are presented and discussed. Finally monitoring and evaluating keys to success are presented to help participants evaluate how well these tips are working.

The topics presented here are representative topics. To explore a session to meet your specific concerns give us a call at 651-633-5311.