Developing Leaders

What Does It Mean to Lead & Learn?

The Chief Manager, Michael Gregory is an experienced manager, trainer, and mentor. Having taught front line managers in 13 different divisions over an 11 year period and having mentored over 100 managers, Mike offers his own perspective offering practical tips for managers and present activities to build competent dedicated teams. Mike reached out to t the 50 best places to work in America and asked them how they train their managers. As a result 30 of the best places to work in America responded. Discussing the approaches and techniques that these firms use to train their managers, Mike has incorporated this information to help others become outstanding managers. He provides the perfect combination of attributes to evaluate strategies, assess risk and develop optimal solutions to help managers in the very difficult postion of being a manager. Leadership, communication, listening, delegation, diversity, team building, coaching and mentoring are core topics related to being an effective manager. Other topics such as managing meetings, doing the right thing, balncing your life, quality improvement, managing change, priotizing time, crises management and succession development are also key skills that are necessary for an outstanding leader. These are skills that Mike transfers to your management team to make them the best they can be.

By addressing systemic and human interaction concerns with management experience in a wide range of activities (labor/management, equal employment opportunity, government to business, and business to business) Michael Gregory's problem-solving process and abiltiy to train managers has been shown to be useful in numerous and diverse types of circumstances. Given these experiences translates to addressing issues related to management, systemic analysis, and human interaction concerns.