Michael Gregory Institute - Leadership Topics

Having taught management training on behavioral skills to mangers at the IRS over an 11 year period, written two books (The Servant Manager: 203 tips from the best places to work in America, and Peaceful Resolutions), presented 11 different webinar topics to CPA audiences, and worked with companies and governmental agencies on leadership training, Michael Gregory offers you videos to help you with this topic area. There is a package of the six most requested topics and seven total topics for you to explore.

Having been a civil servant of the year twice in his career as a front line manager and a senior manager, Michael Gregory was humbled by this recognition submitted by his employees. Now he presents what you can do to improve business results, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction with these on point videos. This applies to businesses, governmental agencies, and volunteer groups. The bottom line is listening to others, being there to help, and being aligned with the mission of the organization.