As a member of the National Speakers Association Michael Gregory speaks to over 50 audiences a year in North America both in person and virtually as a Certified Virtual Presenter.

His keynote address on “How to Make Uncomfortable Situations Comfortable” addresses collaboration and conflict resolution. He provides an interactive, dynamic, educational, and fun presentation. Participants leave with actionable items they can apply immediately at work and in life. Participants indicate they are more focused on the tasks at hand, have more control when navigating difficult situations, and more peace in their professional and personal relationships.

Mike works with clients to provide an original, unique presentation adapted to the needs of his audience. For example, to warranty issues with a sales force, to working with difficult clients in the grain industry, addressing difficult situations with clients in service fields such as accounting and law, and others. No two sessions are the same. Mike is able to leverage current research in neuroscience and take advantage of his over 35 articles and three of his 12 books in particular on The Servant Manager, Peaceful Resolutions, and The Collaboration Effect to provide current, and on point presentations.

On the more technical side, working with attorneys, accountants, business owners, and business valuers topics such as “How to Avoid and What to do if Audited by the IRS”, “What the IRS is Planning to do in the Next Fiscal Year”, and specific topics related to “Discount for Lack of Responsibility and the IRS”, “Reasonable Compensation and the IRS”, “Writing Business Valuation Reports and the IRS”, and “Expert Witnesses and the IRS” are some of his most requested topics. These are continually updated based on Mike’s over 70 contacts at the IRS at all levels, current research, and the most recent information released by the IRS. Clients here include state bar associations, CPA societies, business valuation societies, estate planning organizations, exit planning institute chapters, university MBA programs, not for profits, and other groups.  Tax topics focus on working with the IRS and technical topics related to business valuation.  

As a qualified mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court clients have pulled Mike to assist not only with mediations, but also to assist clients with negotiations.  This assistance helps clients to resolve conflict in various venues.  These include business to government, business to business, and with developing leaders within businesses to not only address, but how to prevent conflict.  From this work Mike has developed a leadership series of videos and written commentary on point.  Speaking on these topics clients have consistently appreciated Mike's passion, insight, creativity, and engaging style.  

Having led an organization of up 1,200 employees, with over 25 years in management at all levels, having headed up business valuation at the Treasury Department, as an Accredited Senior Appraiser in business valuation with the American Society of Appraisers, as an Certified Valuation Analyst with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, having served on multiple boards with these societies, and having written the material and trained hundreds of managers, Mike humbly shares what he has learned to help his audiences rise to a new level of performance.  

To learn more contact Mike directly at or better yet give him a call on his direct line at 651-633-5311 to learn more or have Mike speak to your organization