Having worked for the IRS for 28 years and now having served hundreds of clients in the private sector Mike has a unique skill set to help clients navigate the IRS on exam, at Appeals, and with Counsel on various issues with the IRS and a specialization on valuation issues and in several other specialty areas.

As a Qualified Mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court for 17 years and having mediated or been involved with negotiations with the IRS and others over 2,500 times in his career, Mike understands the culture, the people, and processes at the IRS. Using his skill set he works with taxpayers to de-escalate situations, focus on the problems, develop alternatives, determine the impacts of alternatives, evaluate alternatives, and work with the IRS to find constructive solutions. His mediation and negotiation techniques help clients save resources, time, and emotional toil.

Mike brought mediation to the IRS in 2000 and helped train over 2,000 field specialists in mediation. Being trained is only the beginning. It is only with continual practice and further education that skill sets are enhanced.

Mike has continued to maintain training annually. He has also made hundreds of presentations on how to work with the IRS, how to work with attorneys, clients, and mediators, and various other topics directly on point. Presentations have been made to state CPA societies, state bar associations, estate planning counsels, exit planning institute chapters, MBA programs, law firms, CPA firms and others. Mike has made over 500 in person and over 150 virtual presentations. He is called upon continually to share his experiences and insights.

With Mike’s unique set of skills he has written 12 books with nine tax topic books including the most comprehensive book ever written for business valuation professionals on this topic, Business Valuations and the IRS: Five Books in One. This book has 852 pages with 180 practical pointers and 38 examples to help the reader address issues related to IRS processes, IRS personnel, discounts for lack of marketability, reasonable compensation, valuing S corporations, and writing reports for the IRS. These topics will help you with the IRS whether you are a CPA, attorney, appraiser, practitioner, trust officer, financial advisor, or simply want to know how the IRS addresses these topics. This book will help you. Here is a link to that book.  If you are interested in buying the book at a deep discount, note the offering for “new” books and the deep discount offered by the original publisher.

At Mike’s web site Mike also offers you four complimentary eBooks that you can download.  Three of these books were developed to address the IRS Job Aids that Mike championed at the IRS on discounts for lack of marketability, reasonable compensation, and valuing S corps. Of course, Mike’s hard copy book goes into a lot more detail, critiques the job aids, and updates information from the original job aids. The four complimentary eBooks contain about 1/3 of the information from the hard copy book, but at the same time offer over 20 links in each to various sources to provide you some basic information. These four complimentary eBooks can be downloaded individually from this link.

You can see the benefits of working with Mike. Simply contact him at mg@mikegreg.com or call him on his direct line at 651-633-5311 and he will be happy to speak with you.