Manage Your Time and Your Life

Training: Manage Your Time and Your Life
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We all only have 168 hours in a week. In this session, Mike allows participants to examine where they spend their time, where they want to spend their time and how to prioritize what is most important to them. Ideas are taken from two of Mike’s books, The Servant Manager: 203 tips from the best places to work in America (2013) and Peaceful Resolutions (2015). After discussing some lessons learned from neuroscience on how our brains work, tips are presented that explore your priorities, goal setting, the SMART model, time management, avoiding common time wasters and procrastination before constructive actionable steps are provided. Tips such as avoiding the stinky twins of BO (blaming others) and BS (blaming self) and overcoming your fears by identifying specific actions, prioritizing your interests and managing your time allow the participant to take constructive actions going forward. These tips provide viewers with the tools they need to bring it all together.