This is How Negative Emotions Impact Negotiations

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When we are angry, we flood our body with various chemicals and hormones. That can be very negative in a business setting. This article addresses how to address anger or sadness in a negotiation.

For those of you that have heard me speak as a keynote speaker on Overcoming Conflict with Collaboration, you know that I offer some comments related to the brain, and the brain’s ability to overcome the negative impacts and prevent us from flooding with negative emotions.

Avoid the Two Stinky Twins of BO and BS

There has been significant research in this area consistently showing that strong negative emotions such as anger can lead to irrational and impulsive behavior that can be detrimental to a business negotiation. I offer that as a negotiator and mediator. it is very important to avoid the two stinky twins of BO and BS.

These are Blaming Others and Blaming Self.

When this happens, we tend to simplify, be overly optimistic with respect to risk, and demonize the other party. None of these elements is helpful towards reaching an optimal business negotiation.

De-escalate Yourself and Others

When tempers begin to flare, anger emerges and parties tend to escalate. It is important to de-escalate in a negotiation to return to a neutral position.

I offer this as a tool to help de-escalate a situation for yourself and others.

Emotionss are a key to any business negotiation.                 

Sadness and Negotiations

Another common negative emotion is sadness. When thing tend to be going amiss given expectations going into a negotiation, it is important to keep an even keel and remain in a neutral mood.

If we are in a sad mood, we will tend to settle for something less than we would have otherwise.

Going in make sure you always know your BATNA and don’t go below your BATNA in any negotiation even when dealing with difficult people.

To learn more on this topic I recommend this article from the Program on Negotiation from the Harvard Law School.

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