Wonderful ways to take on worry

A young woman with her right hand to her head looking down very concerned

We all have things we worry about.  Often we take our negative feelings and enhance them by making them even worse as we worry about them.  What can we do about this to help our brains, our bodies and our self-image?   This article focuses on this and offers some very constructive ideas.

Mindfulness is a major push currently in our society.  Historical faith traditions have been found to have very significant benefits by neuroscientists.  Much has been written about what foods we need for healthy bodies and how much we should exercise.  Do we think to give the same attention to our mind?

Everyone has a different biological clock and rhythms.  We have been shaped by our own experiences and education.  There is not one size fits all.  Personally, I find prayer, reflection and mediation works well for me, but it took me 40 years to find what works for me.  I come from a Christian faith tradition and these tie in nicely with my faith. 

In a recent article by Julian at relaxlikeaboss.com the author offers 15 ways to de-escalate and themselves and others.  Check this out.  You may find something that works for you too.

The key is for you to listen to your heart, work with your body, touch your soul and inspire yourself to take a constructive approach to healthier mind, body and life.  If you find this helpful please share this with others.

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