When You Foster Creativity You Can Produce Fantastic Results

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Fostering creativity at work can produce some pretty fantastic results. This article focuses on creativity and offers some creative ways to promote this process at work.

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Araela Kumaraea, an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota at the annual Conflict Resolution Minnesota Conference in St. Paul for mediators. She shared some ideas that we practiced in class. Upon reflection and a little research, I wanted to offer you some ideas too.

You have likely heard of Einstein’s famous quote “We can’t solve problems by using the same type of thinking that was used to create them.” Professor Kumaraea suggested we need to think outside the box. She offered several exercises that were interactive in nature. They worked with that in mind. I did some research to help you. Here are some links you may find useful.

The bottom line is that our brain really needs to be exercised in order for us to stimulate new ways of thinking, expand our options and create space for possibilities to succeed in what ever we do.

Four steps to fostering creativity at work

In this article by Rishawn Biddle he suggests the four steps to fostering creativity at work to bring out the best in our team are:

  1. Make is safe to fail
  2. Accept creative diversity
  3. Build and keep trust
  4. Let people stretch beyond their comfort level

By constantly looking for hidden talents within our teams and giving different individuals a chance to lead we can discover hidden talents and develop creative ways to address issues resulting in very creative ways to address concerns. You can take actions with your team to foster creativity and spur ingenuity on virtually any problem.

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