Why is Collaboration Important in the Workplace?

Five fits with participants from various backgrounds coming together with a fist bump as a team

As an expert in conflict resolution business to business, business to government and within businesses, the flip side to the perspective of negative conflict is the positive perspective on collaboration.

We are all oriented to either minimizing pain or maximizing reward. This is what plays out related to conflict resolution versus collaboration. This article addresses the benefits of collaboration in the workplace and how you can create a more collaborative environment. Pioneering companies get it.

When collaboration takes place what are the rewards?

  • Increased productivity
  • Better communication
  • Open innovation
  • Responding more rapidly to market opportunities
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Improved retention
  • Quicker closure
  • Shared ideas
  • Develop employees quicker

Why is this important?

When we pool ideas and skill sets we provide better outcomes for customers, employees feel valued, and this enhances growth. It also improves the bottom line. Often in business the focus by management is on the bottom line. However, studies demonstrate that by focusing on collaboration, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, this improves the bottom line. Why do we focus so much on the bottom line rather than collaboration? That is what our schools have been asking too, and their bottom line is that today the best schools focus on collaboration as students learn new skill sets. Can we learn from educators too?

Negotiation and Collaboration

As a negotiator you can be the hero when you facilitate collaboration. Not all negotiations are successful, but when they are and everything comes together, this can be very rewarding. When a negotiation is successful this can significantly enhance your reputation. This should be one of the motivators to help you help your team to want to collaborate with the other party.

With artificial intelligence what skills do I need to enhance?

With the advent of artificial intelligence, it is clear that being creative, flexible and social are key human skills for the future. Communication and collaboration are needed now and even more so in the future? What can you do to enhance your skills now? As an executive I used to ask my employees what skills do you need to enhance now for your next position five years from now given that the position more than likely does not even exist today? That makes one think. Today I would argue that soft skills on such topics as leadership, understanding yourself and others, communicating effectively, enhancing effectiveness, managing diversity, managing your time and your life and building engaged workgroups are more important than ever. I suggest you look at your current skill set and ask yourself what you need to do to enhance your skills for your next position. As stated earlier keep in mind it probably does not even exist today.

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