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How You Can Avoid Faulty Negotiated Agreements

Once you have a negotiated agreement, the proof of the pudding is in the details of the agreement.  Both parties need to be on alert to any concerns offered by legal reviews of the final agreement.  In this article from the Program on Negotiation from the Harvard Law School blog the s

A Real World Compromise in Washington – No Really in Congress

I read this article from the Daily Blog offered by the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation entitled,

Three Strategies for Conflict Resolution

In this article from the Program on Negotiation form the Harvard Law School Katie Shonk as a staff writer shares three negotiation strategies to help parties mend their relationships, avoid a law suit and possibly even create value. These are:

Negotiation Tactics for Managing Relationships

For those who have heard me speak recently regarding How to Work with the IRS or on a similar topic you know that I emphasize building positive relationships, listening, educating and negotiating with the types of issues that I am involved in with my clients.  This article from the H

Managing Difficult Conversations

Photo: Fighting Managing Difficult Conversations

IRS Releases New Job Aid on Capitalization

Being out of the office for five days out of touch with email in the boundary waters of northern Minnestoa and working my way through email this morning, I came across this information and wanted to share this new  IRS Job Aid update on capitalization with you.  It came out a few days ago.

Ten Hard Bargaining Negotiating Tips

I have just returned from 5 days in northeastern Minnesota canoeing in the boundary waters with my twin brother, his son and my son.  As such I did not blog on my web site on Monday and reblog the same commentary on LinkedIn a day or two later this week as is my custom.  The break away from all electronic media, being in a peaceful surrounding, having to rough it a bit carrying a canoe and two 

When Negotiating with the IRS Build Trust and Create Value

When working with the IRS on an issue that is gray in nature such as valuation, research credit or transfer pricing, there are various shades of gray associated with these types of issues.  The easy issues are clearly black and white.  It is important to recognize the “easy” issues and to tentatively work these “easy issues” before proceeding to the “harder – grayer issues.”   It is suggested t

In Negotiations Try Appreciation

From the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation blog this

Tax Cheating Is About to Rise

The IRS knows it, the American people know it, and now the Washington Post exposes it so that it is very clearly articulated.  Catherine Rampell, an opinion writer for the Washington Post spells it out in this


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