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Stereotypes and the IRS Relative to Negotiations

When you hear the term IRS, what comes to mind?  How about, taxes, accountant, serious person, not much personality, bottom line oriented, not there to negotiate – there to enforce the law based on the facts, something else?  

How to Conduct a Mediation During a Crises

This article from the Harvard Program on Negotiation Daily Blog demonstrates “how conflict management skills used by negotiators can help during crises negotiations.”  The article explores difficulties internationally from a historical perspective in Ireland, the Middle East, th

Five Sources to Help with Conflict Resolution

How we live our lives and interact with others every day is a choice. Today I want to share five sources of information that you may find useful to help you with the choices you make on how you interact with others and work to resolve conflict at work, home and with others.

How to Work with Millennials and Others

I read this article from the AICPA entitled “5 established phrases established leaders should never say again”.   Each of the stateme

Treasury Proposes Regulations on Estate and Gifts and Others

The Treasury Department has come out with proposed regulations related to certain restrictions on the transfer of right of liquidations.  Officially these are: DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Internal Revenue Service 26 CFR Part 25 [REG-163113-02] RIN 1545-BB71 Estate, Gift, and Generation-skipping Transfer Taxes; Restrictions on Liquidation of an Interest AGENCY:

Where is the IRS Headed?

They are searching.  In the month of August all 500+ managers in the Large Business and International (LB&I) division (assets more than $10 M) are meeting in one of 17 locations for four days to discuss the Future Focus of the IRS.  This is not an answer to “what will the IRS be doing specifically”, but a solicitation of manager’s ideas with oversight from

Some Thoughts on Mediation with Employees and Difficult Mediators

These are two recent articles from the Program on Mediation blog from the Harvard Law School that I want to share with you.  One has to do with using employee mediation techniques for employees and managers and the other has to do with dealing with

The Carter Center Forum on Women, Religion, Violence and Power

On LinkedIn on July 6th and on my blog on July 14th I posted a commentary on “What I Learned from President and Mrs. Carter”.

Power and Negotiations: Harvard commentary and an elaboration

What is power?

How to Use Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers in Negotiations with the IRS

In this article from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation blog Katie Shonk presents an excellent example of a Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offer (MESOs regarding a job candidate).   She presents an example where the job candidate weighs an of


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