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September 26th, 2015

How to Get Along with Difficult People

How to Get Along with Difficult People

September 22nd, 2015

IRS Announces Reorganization for Business Valuers

IRS business valuers are in the Large Business and International (LB&I Division).

What Appraisers May Want to Share with Estate and Tax Attorneys
September 21st, 2015

Adequate Disclosure for a Gift Tax Return - IRS Field Advice

As an appraiser, we work with estate and gift tax attorneys regularly.

September 21st, 2015

Is It Better in Negotiations to Play Hardball or Focus on Win - Win?

Subscribing to the Program on Negotiations blog from the Harvard Law School I occasionally downlo

September 17th, 2015

Top Ten Business Negotiation Articles

Another blog I follow is the Harvard Program on Negotiation from the Harvard Law School.

Ideas from the Harvard Business Review Blog
September 16th, 2015

Leadership Ideas for You and Your Leaders

I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog and daily review various articles and recom

September 10th, 2015

Two Ideas to Help Business Valuers

I helped out two clients this week with some information you may find helpful.

Statistics on the Rise
September 4th, 2015

The US Economy Has Seen a Rise in Jobs Needing Social Skills

Working with different clients I have become acutely aware of generational differences, communica


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